Who Can I Trust to Provide My Life Insurance?

Finally, an easy question to answer --- almost any "legal reserve" life insurance company! Not necessarily the oldest, with the most insurance in force, with the most agents, with the most offices, with the biggest buildings, or with the most assets or even the one which pays the most to advertise.

Of course being a successful business for 25, 50, 75 or 100 years is a good indicator of stability & success; having hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in assets is also a good thing.

Most people in the insurance industry and the financial world accept the stability of a life insurance company based on the ratings offered by the A.M. BEST, MOODY's, and Standard & Poor's.

The other consideration is the insurance agency that will service your policy and be a "hands on" guide when you need them. A.T.A.P. has been helping Americans for over 35 years. The senior agent/owner has been in the insurance/financial services arena for over 47 years and the agent/owner/executive director after 17 years as a teacher and administrator has been managing the agency for 24 years.

We have a licensed agent who can offer service in all states except HI and ND.

Our thrust has been to educate people to take control of their financial future and not be sold what someone else wants them to have.

We are located in Central Florida and have helped thousands of Americans save up to 50% on their insurance cost, which leaves dollars to invest in sound financial investments which they control, monitor, and direct to the highest earnings.

Collectively, our Company's Leaders have 90 years of experience in the financial field. We have a broad range of experience in dealing with financial products, specializing in annuities. We have worked the qualified tax shelter markets including (City & State) Deferred Comp-457; Educators and Administrators-403b; and IRA's, 401k and SEP for business owners.

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